How do you define success?

Today’s WordPress #bloganuary prompt is “how do you define success?” This got me scratching my head, how deep do I go with this.

Why I write

Day 6 of the WordPress #bloganuary challenge is to reflect on why I write.

What brings me joy?

Day 5 of the daily WordPress #bloganuary challenge is to write about something that brings me joy. I have quite a few things I would love to write about but for some reason singing came to me for this one 🎶

My earliest memory….or memories ❤️

I’d like to think that I’ve got quite a good memory, I remember song lyrics from 25 years ago without a problem, remember funny moments with friends and much more. But whenever I think about my earliest memory I struggle a bit. That’s todays prompt from the WordPress #bloganuary challenge.

2023 – new beginnings and looking forward

Happy New Year, it’s officially the 1st January 2023 and I’ve decided to take part in the WordPress #Bloganuary challenge, where I’ll blog every day for the month of January.

Different Seasons at Johnston Gardens, Aberdeen – Day 7 #30dayswild

Day 7 of #30dayswild is about our visits to Johnston Gardens in Aberdeen during the different seasons. It might not be the biggest park in Aberdeen but it sure is unique. The park contains flowers, shrubs, rockeries, trees, as well as a stream, waterfalls, and pond with ducks and moorhens. The Mandarin duck has even made an…

Aden Country Park, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire – Day 1 of #30dayswild

Boom here we are, the start of #30dayswild! Make sure you join Robin and I on our adventures throughout the month of June. Subscribe to our blog now 🙂 So Day 1 of 30 Days Wild is all about our outing to Aden Country Park in Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire…..last weekend (yup in May not June). Let…

Getting Ready for 30 Days Wild 2018

It is almost June, which means it is almost time for the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild challenge! This will be my 4th year taking part in the challenge and this year I will be blogging and sharing my adventures with Robin Oleander on my social media accounts. Make sure you don’t miss out by…

The Dark Side of Social Media and Being a New Mum

I first wrote this post a year ago when Robin was weeks old. I decided to take an afternoon off, go into town, drink coffee and relax the best I could. I didn’t set out to write about this but it was very much in the forefront of my mind being a brand new mum….