Aden Country Park, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire – Day 1 of #30dayswild

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Boom here we are, the start of #30dayswild! Make sure you join Robin and I on our adventures throughout the month of June. Subscribe to our blog now 🙂

So Day 1 of 30 Days Wild is all about our outing to Aden Country Park in Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire…..last weekend (yup in May not June). Let me stop you there before you call me a cheat! We had to start the challenge earlier this year to give us more time. Now that I am back at work full time and Robin is 15 months old, saying I have my hands full is an understatement! So cut us a bit of slack if we have to draw on a few outings in May and if we have to cram multiple outings in over the weekend. Afterall we are still doing something wild 🙂

Conscious now clear, here is more about Aden Country Park.

Aden Country Park is about 30 miles north of Aberdeen, about a 45 minute drive. The park is 230 acres and contains the Aberdeenshire Farming Museum, a cafĂ©/restaurant, gift shop, children’s play area, picnic and BBQ sites, walks and trails, Hareshowe Farm, Book of Deer visitor centre, SANDS, carers and sensory gardens, Victorian arboretum and a fairy wood. We didn’t see everything, but here is what we did see.

Picnic in the field

We arrived at lunchtime so had a little picnic in a massive field. We headed right for the middle so that Robin could run around without us having to worry every 2 seconds that he would trip or fall into something. Robin chased some seagulls, picked daisies and tried to blow at a dandelion clock, which ended up with him eating it instead!

Exploring the Gardens

Next we took a stroll around the gardens which were the Carer Garden, Sensory Garden and SANDS garden. Plenty of plants to admire and other little details. The SANDS garden was a tranquil location to remember those affected by stillbirth and neonatal death.

Wandering around the Victorian Arboretum and Woodlands

Next we took a stroll around the grounds, we saw some very impressive sized trees, absolute giants! The walk took us through woodland, the Victorian Arboretum, over a small river and looped back around to the start of the trail.

The Duck Pond

Knowing how much Robin loves ducks we went to find the duck pond. There was a small family of ducks complete with cute little fluffy ducklings!


We had a beautiful day and a beautiful walk, there are so many different areas you can explore making the visit varied. It may not be the closest country park to where we live but I think we will definitely be back again!

Camilla and Robin Oleander x

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