What colour describes my personality?

I thought this blog prompt from WordPress for #bloganuary was an interesting one. What colour describes your personality and why?

Which colour am I?

When I started to think about it myself no immediate colours popped into my head. This was going to be a bit more complicated than I thought.

So I decided to ask some friends on Instagram!

The results were interesting and fairly unanimous. It’s intriguing to hear another person’s perception of you. The most popular answer was purple with a few yellows and a rainbow.

More interestingly I thought the reasons as to why I was a certain colour was revealing.

“Purple and yellow, because they are fun, vibrant and make people happy.”

“Purple, bright but dark, edgy, girly but strong.”

“Purple, obvs!”

“I don’t think it could be just one! Rainbow!! Or yellow for sunshine, because you’re so colourful and bright in many ways!”

Now I would never describe myself as a bubbly person, which is what I would associate with a very colourful personality. I’m a real mix, I can be chatty, animated and loud but I can also be quiet, reserved and fade into the background with a resting bitch face that says “don’t approach me.” Perfect Gemini!

Purple is said to represent spirituality, mystery, royalty, imagination, creativity, devotion, wisdom, peace, pride and independence.

Because the purple color is created by combining a strong warm with a strong cool color, the color retains both warm and cool properties. On one hand, the color purple can boost imagination and creativity, on the other, too much purple can cause moodiness.

Bourn Creative

I’m starting to understand why people chose purple and the reference to it being bright and dark has got me thinking. That is me, I can be bright but I can also be dark, and I think I’ve always been like that.

Experimenting with my aesthetic

Let’s take things back to the early 2000s, I had turned 16 and I dressed up as a goth for my friend’s fancy dress birthday party, and I really liked it. The look, the teenage angst, the music I was falling into from chatting to strangers over dial up internet, the desire to be different, it all just clicked into place for me. Goth Camilla was born and I was in love!

Me circa 2002 – the more classic goth look

But in amongst that goth were streaks of colour, I wasn’t just dressing all in black.

This was the way I represented myself to the world throughout my late teens until I graduated uni. Sometimes it would be a day for black lipstick, and all head to toe in black lace, tulle or velvet and other days I had bright blue lipstick, this mad chunky knitted bright magenta cardigan and streaks of bright colour extensions as flashes of colour against my jet black dyed hair.

I remember someone saying to me “you’re the happiest goth ever”.

There was romantic goth, industrial goth, emo goth just to name a few options. Every Saturday night I’d think about which goth look I wanted to go for that night and run with it. My mad puffy black tulle skirt teamed with my bubblegum pink winter coat, black make up and studded dog collar. Man those days were fun!

Ok maybe I get the colourful reference after all.

Dark vs bright like Enid and Wednesday

The more I think about my darker vs brighter personality the more I think about the Wednesday vs Enid representation from TV show Wednesday. Sometimes my aesthetic leans more towards Wednesday, others I’m Enid. It was true in my early 20s and is still true to this day in my late 30s.

Wednesday – Netflix
My darker look
vs my brighter look (Ignore the random wind blown hair!)

Well what a journey of reflection that was, all from asking what colour suits my personality. Thanks to those who responded to my story, you provided the catalyst for this blog 💜


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