Getting Ready for 30 Days Wild 2018

It is almost June, which means it is almost time for the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild challenge!

This will be my 4th year taking part in the challenge and this year I will be blogging and sharing my adventures with Robin Oleander on my social media accounts. Make sure you don’t miss out by subscribing to this blog, follow my Instagram stories and posts, like us on Facebook and read my tweets @CamillaErika1

Last year was the first time Robin Oleander took part, at just 3 months old he spent the whole month of June connecting with nature in one way or another. One year on and Robin is 15 months old! (Where did the time go?!) He already enjoys being outside and loves animals!

There is an added challenge this year, last year I had the luxury of taking part with Robin whilst on maternity leave. This year I am back at work full time so it is going to very hard to fit everything in around our busy schedule! But I am not going to let that deter me.

Our plan this year is to ensure we do indeed try and do something each day, the reality of blogging everyday may be a stretch but we will do our best. No matter what, we will make sure we get our posts out on social media daily. Working long days with Robin in nursery also means we may need to cram a few days into our weekend adventures, and to be completely honest we have actually started 30 Days Wild a little early to help us get started!

At the end of the day, the main thing is that we are taking the time to connect with nature and enhance Robin’s experiences with the natural world.

We would love to hear your ideas!

Our list of ideas for the challenge is well underway but why not help us pad it out?

Why not suggest a couple of nature inspired activities for Robin and I to try? If you live in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire why not recommend your favourite nature hotspot?

Lastly don’t forget to get involved yourself!

Sign up now –

Camilla and Robin Oleander


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