Why I write

Day 6 of the WordPress #bloganuary challenge is to reflect on why I write.

I’ve always written on and off. As a child I used to write stories, then as I got a bit older my friend and I started writing our own magazine/newspaper. I remember in primary school the whole class turned into a newspaper room and we were each assigned roles and had to write stories. This captivated me so much I continued it at home. Writing front page articles and copying out recipes from my mum’s recipe books for the food section.

As a teen I dabbled in writing poetry usually as a way of dealing with negative experiences or upset over a boy. I also used to write diaries as a child too.

In my 20s I decided I wanted to start a blog and decided to showcase my craft projects and other subjects on a site I created on Blogspot, I did this for a little while.

In my early 30s I started up a new blog on WordPress (this blog) I decided to take part in the Wildlife Trusts #30DaysWild challenge and blogged daily about my interaction with nature that day.

Then when I had my son I turned to writing to help me make sense of motherhood, the troubles and anxiety of having a newborn and adjusting to a new life.

Writing seems to have always featured at some point in my life, and can sometimes be a cathartic exercise for me. Just with singing as mentioned in the “What brings me joy” blog, writing can help relieve some pent up emotions and help negativity flow out of my body.

Most of the time what I write is never meant to be read by others, and rarely even read by me. It’s a process, a way to untangle my complex thoughts and emotions, and to once again make sense of the world ❤️


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