How am I brave? Good question, I’ve literally no idea!

How am I brave? That’s the question for day 2 of the WordPress #bloganuary challenge.

I have to admit I’m left a little stumped by this one, how am I brave? The answer is well I don’t feel like I have really been in a situation that would require me to be brave.

But what is being brave about?

According to Merriam-Webster brave (noun) is:

“One with mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty : one who is brave”

So maybe I’ve been misunderstanding the term as we all have different fears and find different things difficult. Perhaps I shouldn’t be comparing myself to other when I think about times when I have been brave. It is times I have personally overcome my own fears or difficulties. Also what I consider brave verses anyone else could be completely different.

A friend of mine may consider something I do brave because they feel uneasy or find it difficult and vice versa.

So I guess at a base level how am I brave? Well I try not to let situations that I find difficult or fearful stop me. In the past I’ve not been scared to dress or come across how I want in fear of how others react. That may sound minor but as a teenager when you feel so judged by everyone it can have a major impact.

I quit the security of a full time job in my late 20s to pursue a Master’s at university so I could do a career I really wanted to do. Was that brave to take the leap?

When struggling with my mental health a year ago, I reached out for help even though I was terrified. Was that brave?

Depending on who is reading this and your experiences you may think no, these are not examples of bravery, and to be honest I’d be inclined to agree. But for me it is the closest thing I have.

An interesting reflection for today’s prompt to say the least.


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