Different Seasons at Johnston Gardens, Aberdeen – Day 7 #30dayswild

Day 7 of #30dayswild is about our visits to Johnston Gardens in Aberdeen during the different seasons.

It might not be the biggest park in Aberdeen but it sure is unique. The park contains flowers, shrubs, rockeries, trees, as well as a stream, waterfalls, and pond with ducks and moorhens. The Mandarin duck has even made an appearance in this park before.

My favourite aspect of the park are the trees which belong to the Acer family. I am not sure exactly what type of trees they are but they look stunning, especially in autumn when they glow a vibrant red.

Back at the start of November last year when Robin was 8 months old, we went to visit Johnston Gardens to take a photo shoot of Robin. The colours were immense and the leaves create the perfect natural red carpet through the park. Here are some of my favourite images from that trip.




The summer is a different story, the leaves are on the trees and there is a lot more in the way of other flowering plants. In the woodland corners of the park wild garlic and bluebells grow creating magical environments filled with the strong scent of the wild garlic. The sun streaming through the leaves of the surrounding trees paints the perfect landscape for woodland creatures to come to life.

Our little woodland creature was not loving the modelling career this time around.

The park also has a small play park for children to play in with swings, a slide and more. Robin was enjoying running around and exploring the climbing frame.

As we left the park we spotted one of the last blossom trees still to have some flowers on it. These are my favourite, so I was glad to get a pic of Robin with it, even if it was on daddy’s shoulders.


Camilla-Erika and Robin Oleander X

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