How do you define success?

Today’s WordPress #bloganuary prompt is “how do you define success?” This got me scratching my head, how deep do I go with this.

Why I write

Day 6 of the WordPress #bloganuary challenge is to reflect on why I write.

What brings me joy?

Day 5 of the daily WordPress #bloganuary challenge is to write about something that brings me joy. I have quite a few things I would love to write about but for some reason singing came to me for this one 🎶

A treasure that has been lost….our woodlands

Day 4 of the WordPress #bloganuary challenge is to write about a treasure that has been lost. I started racking my brains….my favourite knitted fruit jumper as a kid? Nah, what about my first cat Sirius…maybe, how about I reminisce about a simpler life in the 90s pre tech?

My earliest memory….or memories ❤️

I’d like to think that I’ve got quite a good memory, I remember song lyrics from 25 years ago without a problem, remember funny moments with friends and much more. But whenever I think about my earliest memory I struggle a bit. That’s todays prompt from the WordPress #bloganuary challenge.

2023 – new beginnings and looking forward

Happy New Year, it’s officially the 1st January 2023 and I’ve decided to take part in the WordPress #Bloganuary challenge, where I’ll blog every day for the month of January.