30 Days Wild 2022 – Week 4 recap

It’s the end of 30 Days Wild 2022! Although most of my content has been posted directly to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the 30 Days Wild Facebook group, I’ve still been creating some content for my blog too.

Here are the final 9 days of #30DaysWild 🌿

Day 22 of 30 Days Wild – Den of Maidencraig, Aberdeen

I’ve visited Den of Maidencraig as part of 30 Days Wild back in 2017 and wrote a blog about our visit. Back then we saw foxes on the other side of the reserve, but not this time.

This place is a haven for wildflowers including wild orchids. The main excitement was finding tiny little frogs by the pond. One jumped on my toe which alerted me to their presence thanks to wearing sandals. Once we noticed it we saw more, it was fantastic!

I’ll be writing a blog about our visit in the future.

Day 23 of 30 Days Wild – A mini beast hunt in the garden

No 30 Days Wild is complete without a bit of digging in the dirt for beasties. Robin and I took to our garden to see what we could find, it was a bit trickier than previous attempts which I put down to the pure heat and sun in the garden! But after turning a couple of stones and an old tree stump we saw plenty.

The most exciting find? I think we would both say the extremely quick centipede we found, it was fascinating! 🐜

Day 24 of 30 Days Wild – Planting Nasturtiums and Echinacea

Robin and I planted some seeds which we had in an old Mud & Bloom pack we got a few years ago. Not sure if the seeds would sprout we decided to plant them anyway in an old egg box!

Day 25 of 30 Days Wild – Where the River Don meets the sea

This was a quick visit for me to the beach today as I wasn’t feeling too well. It was pretty windy so after a quick wander I headed back to the car and left Robin and David to explore.

Day 26 of 30 Days Wild – Meet the six spot burnet moth

Today was a simple nature encounter, one of those where you just turn up and you stand and watch. Then all of a sudden a new world unfolds itself to you and you watch in wonder. I made a visit to a wild flower patch which is left to grow annually in an industrial estate. I pass it in the car all the time but seldom get out to look. I was ecstatic when I saw not one but a handful of six spot burnet moths flying around! That flash of orange and blue is just magical ❤️

Day 27 of 30 Days Wild – Cruickshank Botanic Garden in Aberdeen

A favourite destination of ours to visit throughout the year, today it was just myself and David that went. I was last there about a month ago with Robin and already it has changed so much, the fritillary meadow was all done and the wisteria on its way out. But there was plenty still to admire. I was particularly excited to see a large clump of wild orchids, I’ve never seen so many!

Day 28 of 30 Days Wild – Welcome to the world baby birds

My street and garden has been a hive of activity for the youngest members of the community. We’ve had baby starlings, sparrows, blackbirds, crows and magpies! But this crow steals the show today, perched on my fence he spent time calling rather loudly out for his mum to feed him. Sounds just like my son 😂

Day 29 of 30 Days Wild – Making Basil the Badger

Here is a video of me making Basil the Badger which took a couple of evenings. This little cutie was part of a Craft Pod set I got back in autumn 2020. It was fun working in felt and constructing him, and the instructions were easy to follow too. He may be a little rotund and not quite perfect, but that’s the beauty of DIY, right? 🦡

Day 30 of 30 Days Wild – A walk along the cliffs at Cove, Aberdeen

This was the perfect end to our 30 Days Wild challenge. An early evening stroll along the cliffs at Cove. We saw dolphins and a number of seabirds including razorbills, kittiwakes, fulmars, shags and guillemots. Robin loved the walk and seeing all the seabirds too ❤️

And just like that, that’s officially a wrap on my 8th year of taking part in 30 Days Wild! As ever it’s been a month of exciting new experiences and discoveries, time to create and time to appreciate. Now more than ever I’m determined to ensure that nature is given the time it deserves in my life and I’m looking forward to continuing my nature led discoveries in the rest of 2022.

Catch up with Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 of 30 Days Wild 🌿

If you’ve enjoyed following my 30 Days Wild posts be sure to follow me on my blog, Instagram and Twitter to see what other nature and wildlife adventures I get up to in 2022 ❤️

Thank you for supporting my 8th year taking part in #30DaysWild 🌿


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