A Walk Around Den of Maidencraig – Day 24 of #30DaysWild 2017

Day 24 of #30DaysWild features a wander around Den of Maidencraig in Aberdeen.

Den of Maidencraig is a local nature reserve in the Hazlehead area of Aberdeen. The last time I was here was spring 2016 where I saw loads of frogs breeding in the pond. A first for me!

As you arrive at the car park you walk along a path which take a you past different trees, wild grasses and flowers. We didn’t see anything other than the odd Blue Tit but you could hear the birds singing and the wind whistling through the greenery.

As you come to the end of the path you have the option to the right or left. We turned right and walked down the hill towards the pond. No frogs there this time only a couple of ducks. Lillies were on the water and beautiful yellow Irises around the water edge .

day 24 b

day 24 a

We then headed back up the hill to continue exploring the other side of the reserve.

What we saw next was really exciting!

Across the reserve in a part inaccessible to people were foxes! A mother with her 3 fox cubs. Now we knew foxes breeded here as last spring a passer by told us about them. But we never saw them last year and didn’t expect to this year. Out came the DSLR and I got snapping! My lens isn’t as powerful as I wish it was but I still got some good pics. The mother fox watched me the whole time. Even though I was so far away she kept a close eye on us. It was lovely to see them.

Camilla-Erika and Robin Oleander x


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  1. Sakthi says:

    Such perfect timing for some fantastic photos!

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