A Nature Filled Day – Day 18 of #30DaysWild

Day 18 of #30DaysWild involved a few things including a discovery of a pretty impressive fungus!

Today I decided it would be a good day to go and add one of Robin’s rocks to the big rock snake in our local community. After painting rocks for day 15 they were now all sealed ready to put outside! He was pretty chuffed when we approached the snake to add his.

Whilst out Robin had a surprise to show me. Dadda and Robin had already been out that day and stumbled across a pretty cool fungus. He knows mummy likes them so led me towards it. I was pretty impressed he remembered where it was. It didn’t disappoint!

Another nature interaction today happened whilst I was working. My desk is under the bedroom window and whilst I was working away I heard a thud at the window. I looked up to see this young sparrow just chilling out on the window sill, how cute!

Camilla x

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