River Dee and Robert Gordon University campus walk – Day 19 of #30dayswild

Day 19 of #30dayswild saw us visit the beautiful campus of Robert Gordon University and continue our trail onto the River Dee.

This time last year I saw some pretty cool stuff going on at the Robert Gordon University (RGU) campus. So I wanted to include the campus again this year. Unfortunately my quest to find fungi was a little thin on the ground this time with only a few finds. My other hope was the tree stump outside Gray’s School of Art which last year was filled with wasps burrowing little holes in the dead wood. Unfortunately this year nothing except large chunks of the tree stump had fallen away.

Our walk then took us down to the River Dee. The afternoon had turned out to be a beautiful sunny day and plenty of people were relaxing on the waterside. I’d been down to explore this area before, but our walk took us further and further until we arrived at Inchgarth reservoir! It ended on a high though with a particularly interesting fungus!

Here’s a collection of images I captured during our walk:

Could be mistaken for a spider web, this is actually created by a caterpillar!
A rather hazy looking RGU.

Camilla x

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