Back to Basics – Leaf Rubbing. Day 3 of #30DaysWild

Sometimes it’s the simplest of ideas and activities that can provide enjoyment. I’m talking about leaf rubbing 🌿🖍

Remember in school you used to go out and do bark rubbings and leaf rubbings? I remember one year we did a project about trees and my group were allocated the Ash tree. I loved it and what I learned during that project enabled me to identify a small selection of trees ever since.

Not only was this a good activity to see all the different leaf shapes but a nice easy one for my 3 year old son Robin to try out too. He only really had the attention to do a few but I kept going. The more I did the more magical the results!

Collecting leaves
All set up ready to go!

It was then my turn!!

Camilla & Robin x

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