Easy Bird Feeders – Day 4 of #30DaysWild

This activity is quick and simple that it even held the attention of my 3 year old. Having said that, it may have just been the peanut butter. You will have to judge yourself when you see the video 😂🤦

I’ve seen this tutorial all over social media recently and it is the perfect 30 Days Wild activity. All you need is a loo roll tube (I’ve been hoarding all my empties for some reason…), peanut butter, string/wool and some bird seed.

Step 1:

Grab your loo roll tube and make two holes, one on each side near the top. This will be where you put your string to hang the feeder.

Step 2:

Cover your loo roll tube in peanut butter, this will help stick the bird seed to your feeder! Watch out for any hungry children with a love for peanut butter!

Step 3:

Roll your loo roll tube now covered in peanut butter through the seed mix several times until you are happy with it.

Step 4:

Insert string or wool in and tie the ends to secure. Once done go outside and hang up your feeders, sit back and watch.

Camilla & Robin x

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