Planting Sunflowers & Radishes – Day 2 of #30DaysWild

Day 2 of #30dayswild saw us planting up our sunflower and radish seeds we got from our May edition of our Mud & Bloom box.

Mud & Bloom are a subscription box that send you nature inspired activities each month. We got our first one from a friend as a gift for Robin’s 3rd birthday. I soon signed up and now we’ve been receiving the boxes for 3 months.

We decided to plant some of our sunflowers outside in a planter and some in an egg box inside. The radishes have also been planted in an egg box and should only take about 3 weeks to grow and be harvested! Not long at all!

Planting steps

First we needed to soak the pellets in water for about 10 mins to allow them to swell. Once ready you remove the netting and pop the soil into one of the egg carton sections.

Robin also took the opportunity to decorate the sticks for labelling the plants.

When planting the sunflowers we popped 2 seeds in one pellet, and for the radishes we made 4 small holes in each pellet and planted a seed in each hole. There were plenty of radish seeds left to allow us to grow more later.

Watch our time lapse video of planting some sunflower seeds straight outside in our planter. Which do you think will grow the fastest? The sunflowers planted inside or outside?

Camilla & Robin x

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