#30DaysWild 2020 – Here We Come!

Oh it is good to be back! I’ve been away from blogging for too long. What better way to start again than during June, the official 30 Days Wild month!

This is the 6th year I have taken part in the challenge! In that time I’ve had a child (Robin now 3) which changed my content and approach a bit. This year will be different again with lockdown still on the go. I live in Scotland so our rules are even more restrictive than our counterparts elsewhere in the UK.

Despite this I’m still going to embrace 30 Days Wild. In some respects perhaps this year is more important than any other as it’s proven that nature has a positive impact on mental wellbeing.

I’ve sat down and planned some of my month (not all) being conscious some days will be more difficult than others factoring in working from home. Some activities will be focused around Robin’s nature education (and mine) with others solely for my own enjoyment, growth and a bit of “me time”.

So let’s get started with Day 1 – a minibeast hunt in our garden 🐌

What better way to start than exploring life in your own garden? Truth be told we don’t spend much time in our garden but recently we have taken the opportunity of being at home to give the garden some tlc. We have only just started but I’ve loved the fact that in this sunny weather we have been able to enjoy our outdoor space at home.

We began our minibeast hunt by searching under rocks in the garden, but the most fruitful of locations was the old tree stump we have. Well they do say there is more life in dead wood than live wood!

We found:



Beetles (I’m not sure of which type)


Earwig (but it got away)

Robin enjoyed turning over the rocks and hunting for them but was equally keen to set them free once we had finished looking at them.

Here are some images from our hunt:

Until next time

Camilla & Robin x

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