Persley Walled Garden – Day 8 #30dayswild

Day 8 of #30dayswild looks at one of those locations which you drive past frequently and always think “I should go there” and rarely ever do!

For me that is Persley Walled Garden in Aberdeen. I’ve been there a few times but not since last year. In fact one outing to Persley Walled Garden was particularly poignant last year as it was one of the first places we took Robin. This was us back in March 2017.

And here we are now in June 2018.

Persley Walled Garden is a great place to wander around with lots of different flowers and plants to look at. It is a nice little sun trap, so you can comfortably sit and contemplate your thoughts on a bench or laze around on the grass.

Here are my photos from our little excursion, Robin certainly enjoyed running up and down the paths and climbing on the benches. The Wisteria and Oriental Poppies looked a bit past it, but still were impressive!

Camilla-Erika and Robin Oleander X

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