Looking Back at #30DaysWild 2017 – Day 30

Today is the final day of #30DaysWild 2017! Firstly I want to congratulate all the people who took the time to get involved this month. I am sure you agree by taking part you have seen many new things during the month, and made some lovely memories.

To everyone who has blogged, good job! Blogging everyday for a month is tough, especially around other life commitments. I found last year a challenge, but not as much as this year. Thankfully Robin has been going down to sleep at night ok leaving mummy time to write the blog posts.

For me #30DaysWild 2017 was all about Robin joining our family and exploring new firsts in nature. The different things he has been exposed to this month is just the beginning of his journey with the natural world. Just think what I can do with him year on year with #30DaysWild. I have seen so many great ideas for the challenge with kids that I can’t wait until we can take Robin rock pooling or mini beast hunting.

My last post for this year is a review of how this month went and showcasing some of my favourite photographs. When we started the challenge Robin was 3 months old and now he is 4 months old. He has developed so much in that time, he can now grab onto things and feel things, enhancing the way he interacts with the environment.

My favourite posts are probably Robin’s first trip to the beach and Robin’s first trip to the wood. Just imagine the sensory overload he will have experienced from the sights, smells and sounds. Both environments completely different!

I’ve also learned lots too, for example about bees as part of the #GreatBritishBeeCount and different wildfowers in the #WildflowerHunt. Exposure to an article about how trees communicate led me to reading Peter Wohlleben’s book “The Hidden Life of Trees” whilst taking the time to pay attention to trees when I was out.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the challenge.

Although #30DaysWild is over for another year remember doing something wild can be all year around! Hopefully my blog has inspired some of you to get out and explore. I know we will continue to do so and will share our adventures on our blog and via social media. Until next time #staywild 🙂

Camilla-Erika and Robin Oleander x

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  1. Sakthi says:

    Great work Cam!I really enjoyed your wildlife posts again this year. Yeah it’ll get more exciting each year as Robin gets older! 🙂 x


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