Day 9 of 30 Days Wild 2022 – Visiting The Bonnymuir Green Community Trust Garden in Aberdeen

In a leafy city centre residential street lies an almost unsuspecting community Garden, which stands once where there was a bowling club. Meet Bonnymuir Green Community Trust Garden!

Once a walled garden belonging to one of the oldest houses in Midstocket, this land was gifted to the community in 1924 and used as a The Bowling Club for many years. Once it closed in 2015 the land lay dormant for years until a group of local volunteers purchased the land in Autumn 2018, The Bonnymuir Community Trust Garden was born!

A wonderful green space with plenty to look at and enjoy, this garden run by the local community can be enjoyed by locals and more! This visit marks my second time, the first being pre pandemic. The garden has certainly matured in that time and in 2021 had 19,500 visitors! ❤️

Split into different areas the garden hosts a wildlife garden, play area, pond, bee hives, an orchard, fruit and vegetables beds, picnic tables and a cafe. There are plenty of events run here too including social events, art exhibitions, gardening and art workshops, and well-being classes. Find out more on their website.

Watch the video I made below of my visit to the garden ⬇️

Here are some photos from the different areas of the garden:

Find out more about The Bonnymuir Community Trust Garden on their website, and on Facebook and Instagram


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