A Mini Bug Hotel – Day 22 of #30DaysWild

Day 22 of #30dayswild saw us make a mini bug hotel. I’ve had aspirations to make a bigger one but this little one is very quick, easy and toddler friendly! We also did this as part of National Insect Week 🐜

What you will need:


A plastic bottle






1. Wash your bottle and cut off the base and top so you are left with a cylinder.

2. Make two holes on the top and thread your string through. This is so you can hang up your bug hotel.

3. Then it is time to start filling it up! Put sticks in first to bulk it out and then start adding the long grass and moss. We cut down some of the meadow grass growing in our garden and foraged the moss from some of our flowers pots.

4. Find somewhere to hang it up. Try to find somewhere that isn’t exposed to the elements too much. We hung ours in our tree in the front garden. It only gets sun in the afternoon and will be protected to some extent from the rain and wind.

Camilla & Robin x

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