An Evening Stroll along the River Don – Day 11 of #30DaysWild

Day 11 of #30DaysWild is a snapshot of what I encountered during my walk along the River Don in the evening.

This walk was different as I was alone. Most walks in lockdown have been a family trip out and I’ve only been out twice to walk myself. Alone time during lockdown has been a rarity with a 3 year old and like many others across the UK this period of our lives has been quite stressful.

The stress of trying to work from home and entertain a 3 year old hasn’t got any easier over the last few months. Taking annual leave has helped us be able to focus more on family life and do things that we will all benefit from. Getting out and enjoying nature is one of those things.

I need to remind myself that getting out by myself is a good thing. It allows me to process and switch off at the same time, helping to recharge my batteries.

Here are photos taken during my walk, a chance for me to stop and stand and listen with no interruptions.

Camilla x

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