A Trip to Seaton Park, Aberdeen – Day 6 of #30DaysWild

Day 6 of #30DaysWild saw us visit Seaton Park in Aberdeen, a park which offers water, woodland, gardens and parkland!

We started up by St Machar Cathedral, a stone’s throw away from University of Aberdeen. Once through the gates we headed to the river.

It was a beautiful day and very busy! Trying to keep social distancing in mind, we meandered around the grounds.

We had a basket with us to collect sticks (another 30 days wild activity for later this month). Can you guess what that may be?

Instead of continuing down the river side we decided to walk up towards the secret garden up the hill. We haven’t been here in a while but we have taken Robin before. Throw back to a much earlier trip when Robin was only months old!

As we walked up the hill towards the garden Robin spotted ‘giant’s footprints’ so we had to start tracking him down. This did result in Robin hiding in a bush for quite a long time once we got to the garden though haha! I can’t even remember how we managed to coax him out in the end!

Once through the 3 gardens we made it down the hill on the other side where the sunshine met us and so did the big open spaces! It was time for a quick sit and snack.

It was then time to head back and explore the rest of the park. A little hide and seek later and we were almost back at St. Machar Cathedral.

Definitely a place to go and visit as there is something for everyone. From the woods to the playground, the gardens to the river. You can even walk all the way to Donmouth. But that walk is for another day!

Camilla & Robin x

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