An Evening Stroll By the River Dee – Day 5 #30dayswild

Day 5 of #30dayswild saw the whole family (all 3 of us) take an impromptu walk down by the River Dee in Aberdeen.

We are lucky to work and go to nursery very close to the river and enjoy stunning views daily.

Today was a chance to explore a stretch of the river I never had before.

Here is what we found:

❤ shaped trunk.

There was lots of what can only be described as cotton wool stuck all over this tree! Looks great though!

Look at it all sticking in spider webs!

Oh Mr Robin Oleander was sooo grumpy.

Mummy duck and her ducklings. Soooo gorgeous 🦆

Exploring the River Dee

Look at that fungus!!!!!

Home to a nest of blue tits ❤

Time to go home and get this grump to bed….

Camilla – Erika and Robin X

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