Save and Grow Trees – Day 28 of #30DaysWild 2017

Day 28 of #30DaysWild looks at young trees I have growing in my garden.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_28

A couple of years ago when digging up the soil in my front garden I found a little acorn which had started to germinate. I decided to plant it up in a pot and see what would happen. Over the last couple of years the little sapling has grown. First it only had 2 leaves which fell off in the autumn. I wasn’t sure it would survive the winter, but it did and each year it has more and more leaves.


We also have another young tree in the garden, a conifer tree of some kind. This little plant has been left where it started to grow for the moment.


But why am I telling you about this?

Well did you know that in the UK trees only cover 13% of land? Well if I tell you that the European average is 37% you can see how shocking this figure is! This information is from the Woodland Trust website. Their mission is to protect, restore and create woodland. They aim for 64 million new trees to be planted by 2025.

Earlier this year the Woodland Trust ran a promotion which I saw on social media. You could obtain a free pack of seeds to grow your own trees. I signed up and got my seeds. They were planted up and fingers crossed they will germinate and hopefully we will have some little trees to welcome to the garden.

If you aren’t familiar with the work that the Woodland Trust do I would recommend having a look on their website and see what you can do to save our woodland and trees.

Camilla-Erika and Robin Oleander x


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