Nature Inspired Baby Sensory – Day 21 of #30DaysWild 2017

Day 21 of #30DaysWild is all about baby sensory and introducing Robin to things you may find or grow in your garden.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_21

We have been going to baby sensory classes for a number of weeks and every week is different. It is a great opportunity to expose your baby to new songs, activities, sights, smells, sounds and textures. This week had a nature theme so I thought I would talk about a few things we did.

The Smells of the Vegetable Patch

This is a great activity which you could easily do at home with your baby. Scent is one of the senses often overlooked when playing with babies. But I’m sure you all have scents that take you back to childhood when you smell them. One of my favourite smells is freshly cut grass I’ve always loved that. The other day I was in the park and took a sniff of some roses. It instantly took me back to being a child and the roses we had in the garden.

This activity involved introducing your baby to new smells. Everything they could smell was edible. Some of the new scents Robin encountered was red pepper, cucumber, basil, mint, orange and apple. I don’t think he was overly impressed with any, however he did try to reach out for the orange wedge.

I might start doing this at home to introduce him to food. As Robin is only 4 months old we haven’t started him on solids yet but scent is a good one to consider for his weaning journey. He certainly likes the smell of pancakes anyway as at the weekend he was chewing on the plastic wrapped stack of pancakes he gave his dad for Father’s day.

The first smell of Mint





As well as the scent activity we used brightly coloured feathers to tickle our baby with. The bright colours were eye catching and by tickling them on their face, arms and feet it allowed them to feel the soft textures of the feather. I think Robin liked it as he grabbed the feather at the end and wouldn’t let go!

Tickled pink by a feather

We also played with a little toy Ladybird and Robin finger puppet which Robin seemed to enjoy. His eyes watching it whilst it flew through the air. He also had a go riding an inflatable horse too. Not sure what he made of that!

When Robin met the Ladybird
Robin meet Robin
Mum, what is this?!

Have you got any good baby sensory activities you like to do with your child?
Camilla-Erika and Robin Oleander x

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