Robin’s First Trip to the Woods – Day 17 of #30DaysWild

If you go down to the woods today…

You will find Robin, mummy and daddy doing day 17 of #30DaysWild!

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_17

Today’s trip was to Countesswells woods in Aberdeen, a first for all the family. There were a few different options of walks all with varying lengths so we opted for the shortest. Although we had Robin strapped to his dad we decided to take the pram with us too, as you never know when Robin will decide he has had enough. We hoped this trail would be suitable enough to push a pram through, thankfully it was!


As soon as you leave the car park you are in the woods, surrounded by massive pine trees, their needles carpeting the forest floor. Pine cones would fall and you were never sure if it was just time for them to drop, or if a squirrel was maybe hiding up in the canopy throwing them at you.


As we progressed along our walk, we saw a bird fly across the path, turns out it was a Jay! I had never seen one of them before, so I got out my camera and ran after it. This happened on a few occasions, but the Jay kept outsmarting me.


We then approached a clearing where the tall old pine trees stopped. On either side of the path stood a variety of trees. These trees in comparison were much younger. We saw lots of different pollinators here including White Tailed Bumble Bees, Honey Bees and Hoverflies.


On the way back to the car we picked up some different cones that were on the ground. Once back, we gave the cones to Robin to have a feel of the different shapes and textures. Of course being a baby he wanted to put them in his mouth, don’t worry we didn’t let that happen.


I think Robin enjoyed his trip, although he was asleep for half of it. But when he was awake you could see him having a good look around at all the trees. Of course the sights were different but just think of the smells in the forest too. All new experiences for Robin, but this is just the start of him experiencing adventures in the woods!

Camilla-Erika and Robin Oleander x

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