A Wander Around Hazlehead Park – Day 13 of #30DaysWild

Day 13 of #30DaysWild saw Robin and I take a walk around Hazlehead Park in Aberdeen. Somewhere I have been many times, but the ever changing landscape makes every visit different.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_13

My walk around the park today is a route I often take, but as I started to walk around I came to realise that perhaps I’ve not been noticing as much of what is around me as I first thought. Doing the 30 Days Wild challenge encourages me to take notice and look at my surroundings, so that is just what I did today.

This month whilst doing my blog posts I seem to have developed an interest in trees. Day 9 saw us looking closely at the trees at our local park. In addition to that I’ve started to read a book called “The Hidden Life of Trees” by Peter Wohlleben. So it seems natural that during this trip I was drawn towards looking at the different trees in the park.

I have never realised just how many trees there are at Hazlehead Park and how many different types! Large trees, small trees, young trees, really old trees, trees covered in moss, trees with bent branches, you name it!

Here are some photos of the trees I saw today and some close ups of their foliage. It is only when you take time to stop and look that you notice little quirks such as the red coloured seed pods and the Sycamore leaves which resemble a tie dye pattern!

The last time I visited the park the Rhododendrons were in full bloom, vivid colours of pink, purple, yellow and orange shouted out at you. However, these blooms are now on their way out so the plants look a little tired, but for a short period of time create a beautiful vivid coloured carpet in the park.

The Rose Gardens in the park are one of the main attractions, when they are in full bloom they look amazing. We are not quite there yet but you can see the buds are almost ready to burst into action. A few impatient roses have already bloomed giving us just a taste of what is still to come!

But even the walls in the Rose Garden hold some interest with various Ferns growing out of the cracks. In fact during my last trip to the park I even saw a couple of Blue Tits flying in and out of a crack in the wall, which I presume was home to some young. Pity I didnt have my DSLR that day!

As my walk progressed through the park I came across a sculpture which has been in the park for years now. Made from reclaimed metal this sculpture continues to change over time as the rust takes over and adds another dimension to the work.

As my walk came to an end the heavens opened and I dashed underneath a tree, its canopy keeping me dry from the rain. Robin was oblivious as he slept in his pram. A peaceful way to end the walk.


Camilla-Erika and Robin Oleander x

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