June in the Garden – Day 10 of 30 Days Wild

This time of year I love walking around my garden and seeing how everything is progressing. One moment you are waiting for the buds to develop, the next there is a floral explosion.

My Day 10 of 30 Days Wild is a look at how things are coming along, and this is only the beginning. Lots of work has been going on in the back garden which I will feature later this month.

One thing I did in preparation for this summer was to plant bulbs and whilst most of them have already bloomed and died back my Alliums have just come to life. I first spotted these in my neighbour’s garden and thought ‘ I  must have them!’ So I picked up a pack and planted them up when I planted my Crocus’, Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths and Snowdrops. I’m amazed with their progress as a large majority of them have all come up.




This year we planted a Prunus (blossom tree) in the front garden and in May enjoyed its first blossom. It is always sad when the blossom is no longer on the tree but is wet and soggy on the ground. Thankfully our blossom window is extended with our Deutzia that picks up where the Prunus finishes, the bees love it too!


Another favourite of mine is Lavender. My first experience with it was a few years ago when I bought six tiny plants and put them in a pot. Now I have 2 Lavenders in pots, a Lavender bush in the front garden and a patio tree. There is nothing better than brushing past it or stroking your hand over the foliage.


Finally my new Alpine plants. As mentioned previously Alpine plants have become a new interest for me and I’m quickly building up a small collection. I love my white Saxifraga it is just beautiful. When we first moved into our house we were given a pink Saxifraga and it has always been sat in the front garden never front of show. It’s not until very recently I realised what it was! That plant will get moved at some point to join the rest of them and given the love and affection it deserves.

This picture is of my white Saxifraga and my Dianthus, both of which have been thriving since I planted them up a couple months ago!


Camilla-Erika x

(All photos were taken by Camilla-Erika Campbell)



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