The Everyday Journey- Day 7 of 30 Days Wild

Today is Day 7 of 30 Days Wild and I am going to blog about something we all do, put simply it is the everyday journey, the commute to work.

So many of us walk to work and go the same route each time. After a while you shut off and seem to go on auto pilot. How often do you really look at the trees or plants that surround you? Do you listen out for the sound of a blackbird? Or are you too busy listening to music and walking with your face glued to your phone?

For me the journey to work is an opportunity to witness the changing seasons and the knock on affect this has with the plants and wildlife. I’m lucky to walk past quite a number of houses who all take great pride in their gardens. One of my favourite gardens is close to the train station and everytime I walk past there are multiple Sparrows feeding.

Here are some of the photos I took during my walk home:

Why not give your commute to work a go? Just keep your eyes and ears peeled and enjoy that walk to work!

Camilla-Erika x

(All photographs were taken by Camilla-Erika Campbell)

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