Gardening Scotland Pt 2 – It’s all about the flowers! – Day 6 – 30 Days Wild

This blog follows on from Gardening Scotland Pt 1 – Gardens for Bees where I looked at some of my favourite show gardens.

Day 6 of 30 Days Wild is all about the flowers. The Caley Floral Hall is where the majority of the flowers and plants for sale were, it was amazing! Each exhibitor had put together a special display to showcase their products and they were truly inspiring. Walking into that hall was like walking into a secret garden. I was so excited and literally buzzing with the thought that I could purchase some of these beautiful plants I was seeing in the displays. Every angle I turned my head there was another floral beauty waiting for me to photograph and admire.

When I approached Binny Plants I was instantly captivated by their sunshine coloured Trollius, a relative to one of my favourite flowers Ranunculus. As I walked around their stand I saw another favourite of mine,  Peonies and I came across the most beautiful pink Peony which I fell in love with.

I was also really happy to see lots of different Alpine plants on display. Kevock Garden Plants had a fantastic variety and I got quite a few plants from them. Alpine plants are something I’ve really got into in the past couple of months and I am planning on creating an Alpine plant area in my garden.

The worst thing about going to the show was my own lack of organisation in terms of what to buy. I got completely carried away with my purchases but thankfully I have 2 planters in my garden to fill and some space in the borders in the front garden.


I ended up walking away with a mix of different plants including various herbs including Borage, Ladybird Poppies, Geum, Trollius, a range of Alpine plants, a Meconopsis and a Hydrangea, which I got for free as it was in a sorry state!

Next stage is to get these plants into position and start to enjoy them. The Geum and Borage are particularly Bee friendly so not only will I be creating a beautiful garden for myself but something the insects and pollinators can appreciate too.

Camilla – Erika x

(All photographs have been taken by Camilla-Erika Campbell)

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