Gearing up for #30DaysWild 2022

May 2022 gave us beautiful blossoms, warmer weather and caused our plants to spring into action!

It’s an exciting time of year as more and more plants and trees bloom. We wave goodbye to the daffodils and start to see the tulips, ranunculus and alliums take their turn in the spotlight.

I’ve managed to witness some great nature moments in May alone, from finding a Thrush nest at work and watching the parents go back and forth tirelessly to feed their new chicks, to a hedgehog scuttle around my back garden looking for food.

We visited the beautiful cherry blossoms in Allenvale Cemetery in Aberdeen, which is now becoming an annual tradition in itself. And watched our very own blossom tree bright up our street with its bright white flowers.

Our natural discovery saw us explore ocean life with Steve Backshall at his stage show “Steve Backshall’s Ocean Live” where we were introduced to giant squids, orcas and cookie cutter sharks to name a few! Robin even got to meet Steve after the show 💙

I think you can say we’re definitely all warmed up ready to begin our #30DaysWild challenge!

What is #30DaysWild?

If you’ve never heard of #30DaysWild, it’s an annual challenge from the Wildlife Trust that happens in June. People are encouraged to do a random act of wildness every day which can be as simple as you like. The main objective is to have fun and discover the natural world. I’m about to start my 8th year of the challenge! Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and the Winter Robin blog to see what we get up to.


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