30 Days Wild 2021 Days 16 – 20

Welcome to days 16 – 20 of my 30 Days Wild challenge from The Wildlife Trusts. Every year in the month of June we are challenged to do something “wild” to connect with nature. If you haven’t already seen Days 1-5, Days 6-10 and Days 11-15, you can catch up on my blog.

Day 16 of 30 Days Wild – Drying flowers

Day 16 I looked at the flowers I have been trying to dry out and arranged some new bunches to try and dry. I’ve learnt that roses dry out well by hanging them upside down and leaving them in a cool, dark spot to dry out by themselves. I tried to flower press a rose once but it was too bulky and didn’t work well.

I’ve been experimenting with other flowers too, not only by hanging them upside down but by just leaving the flowers in a vase with no water so they dry out. It’s a mixed bag of results, but I’m enjoying the experimentation!

Day 17 of 30 Days Wild – Minibeast hunt in the garden

A spot of gardening turned into a minibeast hunt when I called Robin to come and see the earwig (or forkietail). We then started looking for other insects and found woodlice, a spider, snails, caterpillars, a grub and an odd looking black bug which I’ve since been told could be a rove beetle. Robin really enjoyed this activity and kept wanting to take the bugs into the house to show dad 😂

Day 18 of 30 Days Wild – Inchgarth Reservoir

This is the first time I’ve visited Inchgarth Reservoir before. It was a nice walk with plenty to explore near the River Dee. I was hunting for the Northern Marsh Orchid and it didn’t disappoint. These bright purple flowers were popping up amongst the buttercups. Anyone else find this is the year of the buttercup?! We also spotted goldfinches, long tailed tits, willow warbler and a buzzard.

Day 19 of 30 Days Wild – Lupin love at Pitmedden Gardens

Look at these lupins! So many different colours! Why can’t I get this in my garden? Any lupin I get is just destroyed by snails…

Day 20 of 30 Days Wild – Exploring Pitmedden Gardens

Pitmedden Gardens in Aberdeenshire is one of my favourite National Trust for Scotland properties local to me. You’ve not only got the gardens, but a woodland walk. This is where I discovered a fascination for fungi as I attended a fungi walk a few years back. We also enjoy attending the annual Apple Sunday where they sell off the produce from the orchards.

It was all about summer flowers today though with the lupins stealing the show. We also saw some baby birds hopping about and a bee hive in a wall!

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Come back soon to read about our final 10 days of the 30 Days Wild challenge!

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