A Misty Walk By Donmouth, Aberdeen – Day 14 of #30DaysWild

Day 14 of #30DaysWild was a little bit of a soggy and misty walk at Donmouth, Aberdeen.

What a contrast in weather we have had in the last few weeks! Today was a very misty day but it didn’t stop us from doing something wild.

As soon as you walked into the reserve the air was cool and damp. The trees towered over you as you walked down the path and the view across the water was shrouded in mist. It was actually a nice change and gave our walk a completely different experience.

Donmouth Nature Reserve is where the River Don meets the North Sea in Aberdeen. It is filled with wildlife including many species of birds and seals. Towards the end of our walk we passed a group of bird enthusiasts who had spotted a Blythe Reed Warbler, a rarity for this area.

Here are my photos from our walk.

Camilla x

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