Heron vs. Goosander – Day 29 0f 30 Days Wild

Day 29 of 30 Days Wild is about my most recent walk down by the River Don, in particular about the little interaction I saw.

I am so lucky to live so close to a river where I can regularly see Swans and Herons. Here are some pictures from my latest visit.

There are loads of wildflowers down by the river to encourage pollinators.
A Heronry based in woodlands next to the river means there are always Herons out fishing for their dinner.
Buzzards can often be spotted across the water flying over the fields and long grass looking for their next prey.

I was also lucky to see a Goosander on the water with a young family. I stood and watched them for a while swimming up stream and diving to find food.


I then noticed that the Goosanders were swimming closer and closer to a Heron.


Now I wouldn’t have normally thought this would be an issue, however I did recently learn that Herons will eat chicks. So I stood poised with my camera to see what would happen next…


The Goosander spotted the Heron and I’m sure the Heron saw them too. She approached with caution, the chicks most likely oblivious to the potential predator.


It then kicked off…the Goosander squawked at the Heron, spooked, the Heron flew off down stream.



Good work from mummy Goosander another risk averted at the River Don!

Camilla – Erika x


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