Avocado Trees & Narwhal Sand Art – Day 8 of #30DaysWild

Day 8 of #30DaysWild was another day for indoor activities. Today we picked two smaller projects to get involved in.

Activity 1 – Planting an Avocado Stone 🥑

This activity was included in our Mud and Bloom box but it’s easy enough to do yourself. All you need is 🥑 – an avocado, a glass jar, water and some toothpicks!

Once you’ve munched your avocado in whatever format chosen ( I’m partial to avo on toast or a nice bit of guac!) save your stone and give it a good wash. Leave it to dry.

Find a jar (mine is an old peanut butter jar) and fill with cold water. You don’t want to fill it to the top, you just want around 1cm of the base of the avocado to be sitting in water.

Take your toothpicks and insert 3 or 4 around the avocado stone at the widest part. These will act as support to allow you to suspend the stone over the water.

Plonk it on top of the jar with the flatter base in the water and the pointed end facing up. Time to wait, make sure to check the water level each day and top up. Fingers crossed you will start to see some roots coming out from the base and some shoots out the top!

Activity 2 – Narwhal Sand Art

This set was a gift Robin received in which you use coloured sand to decorate a narwhal template which you then turn into a magnet.

The set already contained the sand so all we needed was some glue and a tray to try and contain the mess.

In 3 simple steps we had decorated our narwhals!

1. Cover the template in glue

2. Sprinkle on the sand or multiple sands

3. Shake of excess sand

Camilla & Robin x

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