A Birder Murder Mystery – Day 5 of #30DaysWild 2017

Day 5 of #30DaysWild is about a nature inspired fiction book I am reading at the moment.

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Today it has been pretty miserable weather, on top of that Robin and I had our baby sensory class this morning and he decided to sleep half of the afternoon! So little time for exploring the wild today.


With Robin asleep I popped the kettle on and curled up on the sofa to read a book I started at the beginning of the year. Think nature meets murder mystery! Perfect for me as I love a good mystery read.

The book I’m reading is called “A Siege of Bitterns” by author Steve Burrows. Steve was awarded winner of the Arthur Ellis Award in 2015 for “Best First Novel” for the book. It was also listed in the Globe and Mail 100 as best books of 2014. Steve also has 3 other birder murder mysteries in his collection, but this is the first I have read.


Steve Burrows has always been interested in bird watching and is the former editor of the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society Magazine and is a contributing editor for Asian Geographic. So he does know his stuff!

The book is set in Norfolk, an area of the country which I have visited many times as my mum lives there. It’s always an added bonus when you can read a book and can imagine the landscape spoken about.


Without giving anything away (well I haven’t even finished the book yet!) the book is about newly appointed DI Domenic Jejeune who has recently moved to a small town in Norfolk. He is a big bird watcher and would rather be spending his time doing that than being a detective. Little did he know that this case would involve him having to use his birding knowledge to solve the murder!

I’m probably about three quarters of the way through the book and I reckon it has just the right amount of nature v.s mystery. Who would of thought that whilst I read a mystery novel I would actually learn things about birds?!

I’d recommend you add this to your summer reading list, I’ll be buying another one of Steve Burrow’s novels to read after I’m done with this one!

Do you have a favourite nature inspired novel?

Camilla-Erika and Robin Oleander x

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