Global Goals Sculpture Trail at Hazlehead Park – Day 1 #30DaysWild 2017

Welcome to day 1 of #30DaysWild 2017!

In my first post we take a look at a local park that I like to take Robin Oleander to in Aberdeen called Hazlehead Park. This visit was a bit different though as there was a sculpture trail throughout the park.

It is always interesting to see people interact with the outdoors and local school Hazlehead Primary did just that when they created an outdoor sculpture trail throughout the park.

The trail entitled “Global Goals” was designed and made by the pupils and reflects the 17 goals for sustainable development as determined by the United Nations. The aim of the trail was to educate the community about these goals and tell them how they can help achieve them.

Below are pictures of each of the goals, and although Robin was asleep during most of our visit you can see him in the pics too!


Goal 1 – No Poverty

Top Tip from School Pupils:

Donate your time or money to a charitable organisation that works towards job training, career empowerment or food and clothing distribution.

Goal 2 – Zero Hunger

Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-Being


Goal 4 – Quality Education

Top Tip from School Pupils:

  • Raise money to give children around the world educational resources
  • Volunteer as a tutor or mentor at your local school

Goal 5 – Gender Equality

Top Tip from School Pupils:

Write a letter to government asking them to support countries where girls don’t have the same privileges as boys. For example women being able to vote and girls being able to go to school.

Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation

Top Tip from School Pupils:

Save water by taking a shower instead of a bath.

Goal 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy

Top Tip from School Pupils:

Don’t use more energy than we need to. Remember to switch off lights and adjust your central heating and radiators.

Goal 8 –  Decent Work and Economic Growth

Top Tip from School Pupils:

Create opportunities for people to work and learn new skills.

Goal 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

No pictures available

Goal 10 – Reduced Inequalities

Top Tip from School Pupils:

Donate money, clothes and food to charities and be more understanding of everyone living in our community.

Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities

Top Tip from School Pupils:

  • Let councillors know which features we want to see in our cities and towns
  • Visit libraries and museums to show we value and need them
  • Volunteer at local parks

Goal 12 – Responsible Production and Consumption

Top Tip from School Pupils:

Try and recycle and re-use as many objects as possible.

Goal 13 – Climate Action

Top Tip from School Pupils:

Put litter in the bin and walk,  cycle or take public transport.

Goal 14 – Life Below Water

No pictures available

Goal 15 – Life on Land

Top Tip from School Pupils:

Help to make it illegal to hunt for endangered animals.

Goal 16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Top Tip from School Pupils:

Take advantage of our right to elect leaders in our country and local community.

Goal 17 –  Partnerships for the Goals

Top Tip from School Pupils:

Work together to help achieve the goals set by the United Nations and share our knowledge with others.

I really enjoyed the trail and seeing the innovative ways the pupils communicated the goals. It was interesting to see their choice of materials used too, especially as the sculptures would have to be weatherproof.

Hopefully the above sculptures and tips have given you a bit of food for thought about how you could help contribute to these global goals. How will you help?

Camilla – Erika & Robin Oleander x

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  1. Lynne says:

    Love your blog 🙂 xx

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  2. They’re great sculptures, simple but effective. Look forward to seeing what else you get up to for 30 Days Wild 🙂

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