Wildlife Trail Cam – Day 28 of 30 Days Wild

A couple of weeks ago for my birthday I got a wildlife trail camera. For the fellow wildlife enthusiasts reading this you will think “cool” for everyone else they are probably thinking “um….ok”.

Truth be told I have been wanting one for a while and now I have one! So my Day 28 of 30 Days Wild is an introduction to my new trail camera and my test run of using it in my garden.

The first thing that struck me was just how thin and light weight it was. It looked pretty cool, covered in camouflage and with very simple set up and operation instructions.

My first test was during the day using the photo mode. You can set up the resolution you want as well as how many photographs the camera will take in a burst.

Not much came back in the few hours I left it out, mainly a few pics of pigeons and then the neighbour’s cat who was taken an interest in the tree we feed our birds in!

That evening before bed I switched the trail camera to video mode and set it to film 20 secs of film when the sensors were triggered. Now it was just a case of waiting. Unfortunately nothing exciting to report. Once again the neighbour’s cat and another ginger cat. Oh well I’ll make sure I share any exciting finds on my blog once I get them!


Camilla-Erika x

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