Waiting for the Buds to Bloom – Day 3 of 30 Days Wild

Day 3 of 30 Days Wild is all about plants and their flowers. But in this post I am not going to concentrate on the opened bloom, I want to speak about the beauty of the bud.

The first signs of the trees and plants in your garden starting to bud is magical. It means spring is well and truly here. And if you take the time to really look at your plants in this phase you notice just how beautiful they are.

It is such an exciting time in the garden, we have already had the spring bulbs flower and everyday the garden is evolving. With the light nights it now means I can come home from work and walk around my garden noticing all the gradual changes, be it the Poppy buds getting bigger and surfacing to the top of the plant, or the Allium buds getting ready to pounce open with a glimmer of purple poking through.

This year I am particularly excited about my Peonies which were planted 2 years ago from tubers and have not yet flowered. The tiny little buds have started to grow and now you can see a hint of pink trying to peek out of the glossy red exterior.

My blossom tree may have come to the end of its flowering but a quick walk around the garden reminds me of all the other wonders still to come over the summer months!

Camilla -Erika x

(All photographs have been taken by Camilla-Erika Campbell)

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