Exercise and the Great Outdoors – Day 2 of 30 Days Wild

Day 2 of 30 Days Wild was all about multi-tasking, combining the great outdoors with a bit of exercise.

I recently decided that I would try out running. Anyone who knows me probably wouldn’t describe me as particularly sporty so running is not exactly a natural activity for me! Nonetheless, armed with my Couch to 5k app and my partner we decided  to go for a run in the town we live in. We are so lucky to live near the River Don, which we regularly visit. There is a plethora of wildlife and we regularly see Herons, Otters, Birds of Prey, Bats, Roe Deer and much more!


Of course the great thing about deciding to go for a run outdoors is that you can appreciate the scenery, do a bit of wildlife spotting and get fit. A bit better than a treadmill in the gym!

Our run took us past the river and up an old dis-used railway line. Much better than running along the streets, here we could enjoy the sounds of the birds and breathe the fresh air with no interruptions.

After the run we decided to walk along the quieter end of the River Don where you are more likely to meet a fisherman than a dog walker. Tonight we didn’t meet anyone which was bliss in itself.

An Oystercatcher with the brightest and reddest beak I have ever seen was picking about in a shallow group of rocks. These rocks which were dragged downstream in the floods earlier in the year now provide a bit of a hotbed for small birds to hunt around for food.

As we continued downstream we saw a couple of swans, not unusual to see, however what we saw next was an utter delight. Five little Cygnets swimming around, nibbling on grass and staying close to mum. These gorgeous little grey pom poms of fluff seemed undeterred by our presence on shore as did their parents. I just wish I had my DSLR on me!

What a way to finish off a work out. Beats running for the train after visiting the gym any day!

Camilla-Erika x

swanfamily2         swans2

(All photographs have been taken by Camilla-Erika Campbell)

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